Trèbes: La Maison des mots library offers “reading checks”

Trèbes: La Maison des mots library offers “reading checks”

“Cheque Lira” is simply used as a means of direct payment at the cash register of bookstores.

The “Reading Check” is a gift voucher for books funded by the CNL (Centre national du livre) to promote a taste for reading.

The main mission of CNL is to monitor and support all players in the bookstore chain. This check is offered to children and teenagers who participate in library events.

When Christelle Pérez, director of the city library, responded to the call of the National Book Center for the 7th edition of reading night, she asked for “reading checks”.

Much to her surprise, out of 1,400 requests, the La Maison des mots library was chosen for its active participation in the success of the reading evening and the proposed program.

Encourage the love of reading

Reading nights are an opportunity to gather all those who are involved in books and reading, and especially to strengthen the connection between libraries and bookstores. Thus, at the pajama party on January 21, the children were handed ten “read checks”, in the unit amount of 10 euros.

It was a bit complicated: there were about thirty participants, at the reading night dinner! It was therefore necessary to draw winners. Upon arrival, each child filled out a participation form, dropped it into a purpose-built urn, and the innocent hand of the one dressed as Spiderman determined the lucky beneficiaries.

In this month of February, library members can expect new novels, comic books, documentaries, audio books… which the Departmental Library has just borrowed.

On Tuesday, January 31, Christelle went to order new items from the Breithaupt bookstore. Among them are: Maud Ankaoua and Never again without me or The Arabic Language of the Future, Volume 6 Riad Sattouf who won the Grand Prix d’Angoulême as the 50th winner.e edition of the International Comic Festival… And many other books.

(CONTINUED) The House of Words offers “Read Checks”

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