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Try these 9 trendy hair colors for a rejuvenating effect and healthy glow in 2023

Try these 9 trendy hair colors for a rejuvenating effect and healthy glow in 2023

Do you want to rejuvenate yourself at 60 or more? In this case you have certainly already asked yourself the question which hair color for a 60 year old woman to choose? The answer to this question is probably not simple or easy: there are actually plenty of hair colors that you can try after 60 to look younger and more beautiful! It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, straight or curly, there really is no need to have ‘old lady’s hair’ anymore! To help you with your makeover, we are here to present you the list of TOP rejuvenating hair colors after 60:

What Hair Color for 60 Year Old Woman: Dark Blonde with Subtle Copper Highlights

If you feel like hiding your gray hair, then blonde is perhaps the best hair color for women over 60. Go for a dark blonde with subtle copper highlights to create a blend effect with your gray roots. It is an easy to maintain coloring and very easy to achieve when we already have our gray or white hair. In addition, it gives a really good glow and illuminates the face!

What hair color for 60 year old woman: Silver shades

what hair color for women over 60 silver gray

Colors in silver shades, platinum blondes and ashen are arguably among the most popular colors for mature women. And it makes a lot of sense when you think about it: instead of trying to hide your gray and white hair, you embrace it! It is true that after a certain age, dark hair starts to look unnatural.

So what hair color for a 60 year old woman? Go for grey! It is a very good choice and for a salt and pepper effect, gray balayage or even ombre.

What hair color for a 60 year old woman: Golden brown

what hair color for 60 year old woman dark blonde

Not quite ready to embrace your natural gray or white hair? How about golden brown then? If you’ve been a brunette all your life, then going for a golden brown is a great choice. after 50 or 60 years. The golden undertone of the hair actually comes from the golden streaks the color is combined with. It’s a great choice for drawing attention to her eyes and illuminating her skin.

Golden red color after 60 years

what hair color for 50 year old woman trend 2023

Soft shades are very still popular in 2023 ! Red is also among the best colors to try for mature women. It is a rejuvenating color that is classic, elegant and super trendy at the same time. Combine with a short haircut for a feminine and super chic look!

Ash blond

ash blond hair after 70 years trend 2023

If you’re tired of having to go to the hairdresser every four weeks to redo your gray roots, ash blonde seems like a perfect choice for an all-natural 60-year-old woman. And if you want to spice up your look a bit, you can try highlights, highlights or balayage to make your fine hair look thicker. Ash blonde is a very flattering color for the skin as you age and it looks more and more natural with age.

platinum blonde

short haircut platinum blond woman 65 years old trend

If you still want to fight gray hair growing back at 60, then platinum blonde is arguably your best bet. Bleaching your hair is such a good idea, because your hair becomes very light and your white or gray hair will not be noticed growing back.

White hair

white hair woman trend short haircut 2023

Just like blonde and gray, white hair is very suitable for women over 60 because it looks very natural. However, white is very different than blonde or platinum hair. This is a dramatic and bold hair color that is a real eye-catcher.

Bronde Balayage

65 year old woman with bronde hairstyle

If you’ve been a brunette until now, but crave rejuvenation and change after 60, bronde balayage might be the answer for you. This coloring can facilitate the process of transitioning from brown to a lighter color. The base of the hair remains darker but we combine with light highlights in order to avoid damaging the hair. So our hair looks blonde and thicker.

Auburn and burgundy red

aburn burgundy hair trend woman 50 years 2023

Do you fancy a bold and impressive hair color for 60 year old women? Opt for the auburn and burgundy or cinnamon roux! These are some truly impressive choices that are guaranteed to not go unnoticed. Plus, auburn red is a color that will help you look better, make your skin glow, and take years off your face! Combine with a short haircut for a rejuvenating effect!

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