Two award-winning albums for young people abroad

Two award-winning albums for young people abroad

Notepad Who owns the clouds? Mario Brassard and Gérard DuBois recently won the Times Open Book Award. Regarding In house 144Nadine Poirier and Geneviève Després, was honored with the Saint-Exupéry prize.

The Times Open Book Award is one of the most prestigious literary awards in Taiwan. It has been awarded since 1989 by the literary contribution of the Open Book China Times, one of Taiwan’s major daily newspapers, the Times Open Book Award awards 50 book categories, from fiction to non-fiction, including children’s literature. Notepad Who owns the clouds?published by La Pastèque, the winner of the Ragazzi Award in February 2022.

In this sweet album, Mila recalls the journey she traveled with her family to leave her country during the war. Surrounded by these gray clouds and the old-fashioned charm of Gérard DuBois’s illustrations, Mario Brassard’s sparkling text pays tribute to the memories of Milo.

In house 144, by Nadine Poirier and Geneviève Després, published by D’eux, tells the story of the journey of this girl who draws boxes on the pavement and has to stop because a man is lying on the ground. A nuanced album that talks about homelessness, resilience and empathy, thanks to a text full of beauty and charming illustrations.

The Saint-Exupéry Prize honors children’s books that convey the values ​​of the works of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. These values ​​are:

Boldness, that of the first night flights;
Courage to overcome obstacles and the will to survive;
Solidarity by fostering brotherhood;
Wisdom: discerning and transcending overly material dimensions.

The award is divided into three categories: album, novel and Francophonie. In house 144 won a well-deserved award in the latter category. It is also in the running for the Chronos award, the winner of which will be announced in the spring of 2023.

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