Two residents of Toulouse are writing a unique book in France

Two residents of Toulouse are writing a unique book in France

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The former bank boss and trade unionist are co-authors of a book on social dialogue. The first in France that prompted Jean-Claude Mailly (Force Ouvrière) and Georrfoy Roux de Bézieux (Medef) to foreword the book.

This is the first time in France. A former bank boss and a national trade unionist are co-authors of the book. On the one hand, Alain Condaminas, twenty years general manager of Banque Populaire Occitan (2,000 employees, 60% of whom are union members) and recently retired. On the other hand, Frédéric Guyonnet, president of the National Banking Union (SNB), who has accumulated 15 years of banking unionism. A tandem so unique that the book received two forewords: one by Jean-Claude Mailly, former head of Force Ouvrière and Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, president of Medef! “We wanted to share our shared belief: well-used, social dialogue is beneficial for sustainability and employee well-being,” explains Alain Condaminas.

Recipes for successful social dialogue

In the first part of the book, which describes in detail the main social events in the company (CSE preparation, conducting negotiations, etc.), the two authors not only give their feedback, but also the keys to a good social dialogue. . “This book is for every representative of management, trade unionists, journalists to fully understand social mechanisms, students of management and law”, slips Alain Condaminas. In the second part, they discuss the best practices that should be adopted in order for social dialogue to be successful. “It’s not a conflict, but cross-enrichment. It is the same logic that drives social relations within the BPCE** group, which has integrated a social dialogue component into the training of its managers”, illustrates Frédéric Guyonnet.


These recipes for social dialogue “are applicable to all sectors and can help managers and trade unionists,” the elected official assures. In order for you to want to buy the book, he gives you the key: “explain, explain once more and put yourself in the position of the other in the negotiations”. The rest in bookstores!

* Social dialogue or dialogue of the deaf? Veronese editions
** Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne

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