Two story books of Saint Therese of Lisieux in pictures

Two story books of Saint Therese of Lisieux in pictures

Saint of the family

Patrick Autreaux

Values, 160 pages, €18

Thérèse’s life in pictures

brother of Didier-Marie Golay

Le Cerf, 237 p. €29

With these two books, the reader will discover Thérèse of Lisieux in an unexpected way. IN Saint of the familyPatrick Autréaux interweaves the threads of his family life with those of Thérèse, and brother Didier-Marie Golay, d Thérèse’s life in pictures, features Thérèse’s writings illustrated with drawings of family and loved ones.

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Title Saint of the family, this book might mislead the reader: no, Patrick Autréaux is not a descendant of a relative of Thérèse’s family. One day, reading The story of the soul, the author reveals her closeness with Thérèse. She helps him make connections between different family events.

His memory comes back to his invocation during painful episodes that his mother told him several times or he himself experienced: his mother’s illness in childhood, his grandmother… He even reveals a parallel between their two lives: “Like her, I was separated from my mother as a child; my grandmother looked after me. At the age when the saint lost her mother, I lost my grandmother. » Thérèse in the author arouses the formation of confused thoughts, through dialogue.

Throughout his story, he finds in her an accessible interlocutor who connects the threads of her past, her emotions and her questions. “As soon as I read you, I really read you, I addressed you as someone who understood. So, I will not protest, nor show feigned neutrality. I don’t think you impressed me. You looked familiar I don’t really understand why or how. » Although not a believer, Patrick Autréaux wonders about the meaning of a call, mystical or literary: “And what is a vocation if not the voice of what is missing? » Question for all readers.

Drawings and pictures

Brother Didier-Marie Golay, a Discalced Carmelite and an excellent connoisseur of the life of Saint Teresa, offers us a wonderful album in which drawings and texts depict the life of Teresa. It reveals, if we have forgotten, that we draw in the Martin family! Zélie, the mother, for making models for her Alençon lace; Pauline, then Céline, who won the first prize at the International Exhibition of Religious Art in 1909 for a grisaille depicting the Shroud of Turin; and finally Thérèse, to whom Céline gave lessons. When Thérèse died, Pauline, Sister Agnès of Jesus, and Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face, spontaneously used a painting or drawing to spread Thérèse’s life and message.

In this work, Thérèse’s texts are accompanied by drawings by her sisters Pauline and Céline, sometimes colored Carmelites, sketches, watercolors, paintings and charcoal. The works of Charles Jouvenot, a painter who collaborated with Karmela on illustrating various works of Thérèse and about Thérèse, complete this Thérèse’s life in pictures. An album to flip through as a family, discovering the still relevant message of the small journey of spiritual childhood.

These two books are in a way picture books: those that emerge from buried memory and give meaning to life’s journey, and those of Thérèse’s family and loved ones that give infinite depth to life’s small gestures. Two beautiful illustrations of Thérèse’s journey.

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