Undertaker from Toulouse is supplied by Cultura Balma

Undertaker from Toulouse is supplied by Cultura Balma

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Winner of the “Grand Oral” France 2, Sébastien Montaut publishes the great “Chronicles from beyond the grave”. He will be at Cultura Balma on Saturday February 4th.

One fine day in December 2014, Sébastien’s fate changed: “Here I am parked in front of a funeral agency, in the heart of the Toec district, between the Zénith de Toulouse and the Purpan Hospital. The sky is low, it’s freezing cold . a beggar.” But despite this unappealing introduction, the book, which runs to more than 190 pages, is an easy read (or otherwise) and proves enlightening about a somewhat taboo profession. As he himself writes: “Death, passage, is part of the journey. It concerns us all. Our view of those who rub shoulders with it makes it taboo.” And Sébastien rubbed shoulders with her all this time, anxiously at first, with the same hazy vision of a unique profession, caring for the deceased, providing administrative follow-up, making things easier for bereaved families, being present and following.


And the relationship enriched the man: “My work transformed me. It made me an adult. It led me towards spirituality, towards a more sensitive, intangible world than the one in which I lived. […] Rubbing death every day, looking it in the eyes, brings you back to the basics. The influences in my life are everyday, both small and huge.” And words have all their importance in this fine, sensitive mechanics as Sébastien acts as master of ceremonies in this agency where he is taught the business from A to Z. Which inevitably leads us to discover behind the scenes , the highlights, the secrets of this profession that we don’t often pay tribute to. This book does it justice. “Thank you for what you have done” Sébastien.

Saturday, February 4 from 3 to 6 pm at Cultura Balma (5, rue de la Tuilerie). Free event. Such. 07 57 59 83 73 (
“Chronicles from beyond the grave – The Living Undertaker” by Sébastien Montaut (Éditions Fayard, 198 pages, 19 euros).

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