Unease at the W9 d’or: Michel Polnareff tackles Marc Lavoine on his kiss to Léa in the Star Academy (ZAP TV)

Unease at the W9 d’or: Michel Polnareff tackles Marc Lavoine on his kiss to Léa in the Star Academy (ZAP TV)

This Friday, December 16, Marc Lavoine was on the stage of the W9 d’or to present an honorary prize to Michel Polnareff. But by way of thanks, the latter teased him about his controversial kiss on the neck to Léa, candidate of the star academy.

The sequence had generated a lot of reactions. Remember: last November 19 took place the semi-final of the star academy on TF1. Whereas Louis was already qualified for the last stageChris, Tiana, Anisha, Léa and Enola were still fighting for their place. To defend themselves, they had been able to perform several pieces on stage, including duets with stars of French song. This is how Léa had shared a moment suspended in time with Marc Lavoine on the piece I have forgotten everything. But the performance had turned into a fiasco! Already because the young singer had been the victim of a swing accidentbut also because the former coach of The voice had allowed himself a gesture that had shocked Internet users. At the end of the performance, he had indeed kissed the young woman on the neck!

While Internet users said they were outraged, some even calling Marc Lavoine a “old filth”, Léa, she had explained to have lived the scene rather well. “I experienced it very well because Marc Lavoine is benevolent. During rehearsals, he reassured me enormously. IHe behaved like a dad to me. I loved singing alongside him and I remember my evolution”had she reacted in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

Michel Polnareff tackles Marc Lavoine

For his part, Marc Lavoine has never commented on this incident, preferring to bet on discretion to pass the storm. But this Friday, December 16, while he was on stage for the fourth edition of the W9 d’or – a ceremony which rewards the most listened to artists of the year – he was despite himself confronted with the subject. Came to present a trophy to Michel Polnareff, rewarded for his entire careerhe was teased by the latter.

When he asked if he could kiss her, the interpreter of Letter to France indeed retorted: Not in the neck!. A sentence almost whispered, to which Marc Lavoine did not react. Didn’t the singer hear his colleague’s tackle or did he just choose to ignore it ? One thing is certain: the case is likely to follow him for quite a while…

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