Used books find buyers

Used books find buyers

Garennes-sur-Eure. A very big success of the used book market..

The exchange of used books in the library of Garennes-sur-Eure was created almost 25 years ago. It was the first scholarship of its kind. A quarter of a century later, his success is undeniable.

On Sunday, a quarter of an hour before opening, there was already a crowd at the door. “We haven’t organized it for two years and it was a real expectation,” emphasizes Véronique Castelot, manager of the municipal media library.

Book lovers were spoiled for choice, with paperbacks from 50 cents, paperbacks or paperbacks from one euro, children’s books, magazines and journals sold at bargain prices. Bibliophiles could afford old books at unbeatable prices.

A break in the tea room

A large number of visitors left, often under heavy load, not without taking a short break in the “tea room” corner, which is now installed at most events in Garen.

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