Vegetation, fountain, book cases: board files

Vegetation, fountain, book cases: board files

During the last meeting of its office in the cafe Anaïs, the Gambetta-Rvolution neighborhood committee reviewed the current files, in the presence of several members. Especially those requested within the Garrigues Nord District Council, chaired by Chantal May (Deputy Delegate for Parks and Gardens). The committee team decided to highlight the main initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the residents and which continue to attract attention: regeneration, household waste, book boxes, the installation of a drinking water fountain in the Place Saint-Charles, not forgetting the development of the Puits-Couchoux area, places that are often used for exhibitions by artists from Red Points and many others.

One of the biggest demands is, as always, the greening of the settlement. With the aim of creating an island of freshness in the places of destroyed buildings, the one in Clérisseau Street and the one coming to Plan-Bachalas. De-impermeability of certain soils, to allow absorption of rain runoff, completes the requirement. The answers received are very different. “ The request for revegetation is not accepted. We are appalled, disappointed. Because it was a constant desire for many years, a great desire of the residents to be able to flourish their environment, rue du Puits-Couchoux, rue d’Aquitaine, rue de la Vierge…” launches a board office co-chaired by Marie-Pierre Quessada and Isabelle Saqué

He also rejected the fountain in the Place Saint-Charles, while today this space is the playground of many children in the district. “ The Plan-Bachalas building will be renovated here, we were told. We remain confused, sthe assembly of members of the associative structure. So there will be no tree planting…”

Garbage cans: fixed points under investigation

As for the fixed points of the tanks, the investigation is still ongoing: from 2020, the committee wants to be a pilot in the experiment of placing closed tanks on the surface. Fortunately, there are still positive responses that invite a smile: the book boxes on Place de La Bouquerie and Place Saint-Charles have been installed and are already working. Also to please, the rods for the Puits-Couchoux pictures are installed, but, on the downside, the hanging rods are missing… Question: “ Who will bear the costs? On this and other questions, the co-presidents closed the session dedicated to the evaluation of this end of the year.

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