Véronique Genest destroys Matthieu Delormeau who calls her a homophobe! – Tuxboard

Véronique Genest destroys Matthieu Delormeau who calls her a homophobe! – Tuxboard

Véronique Genest is very angry with Matthieu Delormeau! She accuses him of having ruined her reputation by calling her a homophobe!

Between Véronique Genest and Matthieu Delormeau, nothing is going right! The two hate each other to no end! The actress has even just accused him of having ruined her reputation by calling her a homophobe.

Water in the gas between Véronique Genest and Matthieu Delormeau

Recently, Véronique Genest has made several appearances on the set of TPMP. She did not hesitate to express her point of view on the veil, which shocked all the French people.

The former actress is even called an Islamophobe on social media, after shouting loudly that she hated Islam to the utmost.t: “I don’t like religions and I don’t like Islam, it’s a right, isn’t it?… Islam is dangerous for our democracy and demonstrates it every day. »

Before adding: So I thought about relation to the meaning of the word Islamophobe. Phobia is fear. So yes, maybe I am Islamophobic. Tonight, I’m coming out, yes probably I am, like many French people, Islamophobic. Fear can come either from a misunderstanding of something, or from an experience or things that we see and a danger that we feel. I read the Koran, I was not more reassured and then everything we see around us makes this phobia, it exists because we see things that are scary. »

That’s what annoyed some TPMP columnists like Raymond or stilland Gilles Greenz.

But Véronique Genest maintains her words. She has little love to give for religions, but also for certain chroniclers…

Obviously, she also has a hatred against Matthieu Delormeau… She admitted that she did not like him at all!

A history of homophobia?

On the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna had asked Matthieu Delormeau and Véronique Genest kiss each other : “ I want to burst the abscess right away. Give yourself a little kiss ». The actress then reacted: I can’t, he’s wearing too much makeup! We don’t have to kiss each other. I have nothing against Matthew“.

But very quickly, M.Atthieu Delormeau lcontradicted. He reminds her that she criticized him in the press: “When you say in the press, ‘I can’t sack him. It is the puppet of Hanouna this gay”.

Véronique Genest then added that she did not like it. Even worse !

She admits live that she finds him stupid: “I do have a problem with you, because I don’t find you very bright. I did his show as a guest, not too long ago, it was still a rotten thing. East had to talk about a subject, he had made an incriminating and totally false subject. But that’s my problem.”

But that’s not all ! The 66-year-old actress has added a layer.

That’s what she says at Jordan : “ It’s going to be good-natured, very convivial. You’ll see, it’ll be funny. Result: I am treated as a homophobe, which I am not”.

Véronique Genest therefore accuses Matthieu of theto impersonate a homophobic person: I cared for my brother, who had AIDS, for years. Really, it’s an accusation that makes no sense. He said after the show: ‘She called me dirty gay’, but never! I have never been homophobic. Afterwards, it is taken up on the Web and it snowballs”.

One thing is certain, Véronique Genest is not really unanimous!

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