Vers-Pont-du-Gard: confidents versoises: a book that conveys the memory of the elderly

Vers-Pont-du-Gard: confidents versoises: a book that conveys the memory of the elderly

The town hall wanted to leave a mark on what the village was and has become. The author met with more than twenty Versois to gather memories and confidential information.

Confidences versoises is a book of memories, of transmission. Mayor Olivier Sauzet wanted it. “The goal is to leave a mark, a memory of what our village was and has become,” explains the mayor. The village grew from 600 inhabitants at the end of the war to 1,800 today.

Previous books about the village date from 1995 and 2008.

It was the mayor of Meynes, Fabrice Fournier, who proposed the name of Alain Mauger, a public writer from Meynes and a volunteer involved in Restos du Coeur.
An exciting mission for a public writer who met twenty Versois people, involved at different levels in the life of the village since the post-war period: former mayors, heads of associations…

Great meetings

Alain Mauger interviewed each of them. “The job that Covid took longer than expected with delays related to multiple restrictions (illnesses, contact cases, etc.). In the end, a job that should have taken a year took two.

“it was an exciting job with great meetings”.

The alchemy of the meeting made it possible to overcome mutual fears and release words and memories.

Because through the personal stories of everyone (stories of family, professional career, socializing…) it is really the history of the village that is written through generations.

“We really see how the village is built around each other’s lives,” observes Alain Mauger.

The book presented to the public

Alain Mauger organized the book in the form of interviews, easy to read and accessible to everyone, illustrated with several photographs.
The book avoids polemics and confrontations, but Olivier Sauzet wanted to put an end to some “untruths about our village”.

On January 6, the book was presented to the public, and a copy was offered to those who agreed to submit their memories: Denise Fort, Magali Roman, Eva Endberg, Nestor Turion, Micheline Allegre, Jean-Clément Termoz, Jocelyn Longuet, Pierre-Emmanuel Coste, Danièle Bonnand, Nicole Frasse-Mathon, Michel Richard, Denise Perrier, André Folcher, Marc Poulon, Magali Pesenti, Marc and Jérôme Taulelle, Lucie and André Cancade and Pierre Malbos.

“We are also thinking about Honoré Lapalud, who left us this year,” Olivier Sauzet pointed out.
Honoré Lapalud, who was Lucienne Taulelle’s first assistant and a man very involved in the life of associations in Versoise, is also the author of the book’s cover design.

With this book I made a fantastic trip and discovered all the richness of Vers. An adventure that I would like to repeat in other villages” emphasizes Alain Mauger.

Confidences versoises (issue number 7) is sold for €40 at the town hall and at the Place du Marché bookstore.

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