Vianney to the angels: the singer announces great news!

Vianney to the angels: the singer announces great news!

It’s happier than ever that Vianney took over his Instagram account on Monday, December 13. The singer shared great news there: Mentissa, his protege in The voicejust released their first album!

Vianney is not only a successful singer, he is also a talent scout. In 2021, he agreed to become a coach on the show The voicebroadcast on TF1. It is in this that he has took candidate Mentissa under his wingwhich he led to victory. Catherine Robert’s companion was not content to accompany him during the television adventure, he then followed her to the recording studio. Because beyond a professional relationship, it is a true friendship that has been created between the master and his student.

Our relationship developed naturally. It’s at the end of The voicebecause I was his only talent, that we were able to get to know each other, and we saw that we were very similar. We see a lot of things the same way. All artists should be like Vianney: He’s a friend and he’s my example”Mentissa confided about Vianney during his appearance on the airwaves of MFM. Edgard’s father has just made a big announcement about it.

Vianney wrote two songs for Mentissa

This Tuesday, December 13, in the eveningIt is with a heart full of joy that Vianney addressed his fans to share some happy news with them: Mentissa’s first album, entitled The twenteethis available ! “It is truly a marvel. So proud to have witnessed the birth of such a great singer“, commented the one whose notoriety exploded in 2014 with its tube Not here.

To the delight of the singer’s fans, they will also be able to find his paw in the album of the candidate of The voice. Indeed, he composed two titles for her: And bam and Oh mama. The young woman has also taken up writing since the public will be able to discover the first piece written by her, entitled January 1. Let’s wish Mentissa to know such a great success in the bins they are mentors


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