Victim of insulting remarks, Loana rants against her detractors and sends a message to Nabilla

Victim of insulting remarks, Loana rants against her detractors and sends a message to Nabilla

While being bombarded with insulting and denigrating comments, Loana wanted to defend herself by comparing herself to the personalities of reality TV … winking at the passage to Nabilla.

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Of his sulphurous beginnings in a swimming pool to his pranks then abuse suffered by her ex-boyfriend to end with his falling out with former members of his entourage like Sylvie Ortega, Struggle has always sparked controversy. The one who had been the first winner of History of the loft in 2001 now encounters financial difficulties, the result of its years of setbacks. She has indeed recently entrusted to be today homeless and live on RSA. She, who lives alongside her mother, tries today, despite some health issuesto recover from these various ordeals. This is partly why she is very present on social networks, platforms on which she is however very often attacked both on her physique but also on her lifestyle and her behavior.

“Fabulous but doctored bodies”

With a photo taken from a professional photo shoot, Loana wanted to push a rant at the comments of detractors that she receives daily: “For all the haters who say I don’t look like anything now, let them attack everyone in Dubai with fabulous but doctored bodies in multi-million dollar houses like their bank accounts promoting toothpaste.” Well aware that this declaration could be badly received, the woman wanted to clarify her thoughts, particularly by clearing one of the most representative personalities, the leader, of this environment and this way of life that she seems to denounce. At the very heart of her pamphlet, she therefore had a thought for the new show presenter cosmic love streamed on Prime Videoalso from the world of French reality TV: Nabilla.

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“She has always been adorable with me”

“I respect them and wish them the best family life in the world, besides Nabilla has always been adorable with me. Kisses sweetie…”Loana wrote. However, she does not intend to let herself be insulted and therefore wanted to be clear in the rest of her publication: “But leave me alone in my corner and be with my amazing fans who have always been there for me…I’ve been around for over 20 years and you, apart from be behind a keyboard and be haters(nice job to criticize everything and anything), what are you? Of soul”she concluded. His message has the merit of being clear.

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