Victoria Mehault: “Big tramp”, this huge tackle against her ex Bastos!

Victoria Mehault: “Big tramp”, this huge tackle against her ex Bastos!

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Victoria Mehault has just released a song in response to her ex Bastos, and it’s called “Big tramp”! We tell you everything.

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A few weeks ago, Bastos released a song called ” Michto feat my ex“, a title that made the buzz! Indeed, the Youtuber made a montage with his exes, including Victoria Mehault. Out of the question for the pretty blonde to let such a provocation pass! The star also decided to make a song in reference to her ex Bastos. Today, she announced the release of her title, anxious: ” I’m stressed, I wasn’t very nice in it, and I feel that it’s going to be a new source of insults. Afterwards, it’s a formal response to the music my ex made on me, so I have the right in itself » . Of course she has the right! The song, titled ” fat bum » has just been released, and it is already creating a buzz! We tell you everything.

Victoria Mehault, “I have the impression of having created a hatred”

On the Web, Victoria Mehault announces the release of her song ” fat bum dedicated to his ex Bastos, in response to his last title. The young woman posted a photo with Bastos when they were still dating, and wrote: ” I galloped you in the evening but I still think you’re a big tramp! You are the blood anyway! » . Would Bastos and Vivi play cat and mouse? The pretty blonde speaks on Instagram.

©Instagram / @victoria_mehault

In his story, Victoria Mehault confides in amazement: You make me laugh too much! I feel like I’ve created a hatred, and a general support group of girls who have run into fat bums! I think it’s too cool, frankly it’s too cool. And you only give me good feedback, it’s so cool, because I loved making the sound, we laughed too much, we wrote it in no time… We wrote it in 4 hours, well at the same time, it’s not super fancy lyrics (…) Just loves it, and if you love it, it makes me love it even more. Suddenly it warms me, I want to make music for everything and anything! » . To be continued ! Stay connected.

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