VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine announces happy news: a member of C à vous is a mom!

VIDEO – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine announces happy news: a member of C à vous is a mom!

It is a happy event. In It’s up to youthis Monday, November 21, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has indeed announced that a member of the team had just become a mother. “A news, we learned this morning Wolf’s birthwhose mother is called Loriana Cartier. And she’s been a member of the C team since the beginning… So, it’s been a long time! I hardly dare to calculatedetailed the host on the tray. So welcome to Louve! We kiss very hard his mom and dad. »

An announcement that will certainly delight all members of the team of This program broadcast on France 5. All week, Monday to Friday, from 7 p.m.the whole band of It’s up to you – composed of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, Patrick Cohenof Pierre Lescureof Emilie Tran Nguyen, of Matthew Belliardof Mohamed Bouhafsiby Sandrine Sarroche, as well as Bertrand Chameroyfinds himself in the show’s loft. The opportunity for columnists and guests alike to discuss current affairs while having fun.

A recent technical incident in It’s up to you

But for the presenter, the progress of the programs is not always easy. Sometimes she has to face unexpected situations. This was for example the case on November 14th. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine was particularly surprised that day after being confronted with a rather annoying technical problem. In detail, while she was discussing a sequence of the program, concerning the “epidemic of laziness” which affects the country, she found herself faced with a moment of silence… after having launched the dedicated sequence!

“Ah, fine then”she reacted quickly, before repeating – slightly disconcerted – her opening sentence: “What the French are explaining more and more on social networks. » Ultimately, the journalist recovered quickly, before continuing her broadcast. With humor, she even linked this incident to the news: “There, it may be someone who is too lazy to press a button to start his tape recorder. » A great proof of professionalismfoolproof!

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