VIDEO – “At home, I am…”: Faustine Bollaert, her husband Maxime Chattam makes an astonishing confession

VIDEO – “At home, I am…”: Faustine Bollaert, her husband Maxime Chattam makes an astonishing confession

In his office, he writes “creepy stuff”. With her children, he is a dad like the others. But Maxime Chattam recognizes it, between the moment he has just left “a horrible chapter”, out of his imagination, and the one where he finds his children, he needs “a time of adaptation”. “The kids jump into my arms and say, ‘Dad, did you have a good day? How are you?’ ‘Me, I just killed people my darling, but it’s ok’“, he confides with a smile Telematin, this Monday, January 30.

To the question of Thomas Soto : “Does she (his wife Faustine Bollaert, editor’s note) let you tell stories to the children in the evening, or not?”, the author of thrillers it’s fun. “I think she has absolute confidence in that because I think at home, I’m not the man she knows anymore, not the novelist“, explains the one who nevertheless seduced the host of France Televisions in an amazing way.

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Faustine Bollaert recounts her amazing first date with Maxime Chattam

“I will take you to a place, I’m sure no one took you to a place like this“, he whispered in the ear of his contender at the very beginning of their meeting. a former psychiatric hospital that Maxime Chattam took Faustine Bollaert where, on the roof, they could watch the stars “in the middle of an environment where the madmen grew up”she said on the show It’s up to you on France 5, in May 2019. Before ironizing: “Extremely romantic, don’t you think?”

“We spent our afternoon looking at the old radios lying around, trying to pass through little secret passages in this disused hospital which was very, very scary and suddenly I had to snuggle up in his arms, it must have started like that”, added the presenter of the show It starts today Since, the couple got married in 2012 and had two children: Abbie and Peter.

Photo credits: Screenshot Telematin / France 2

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