VIDEO – Elizabeth II: the moment she “dropped Diana”

VIDEO – Elizabeth II: the moment she “dropped Diana”

Series The crown brings back a moment of television that William and Harry would have preferred to forget: the interview of their mother, Princess Diana, by Martin Bashir in 1995. A turning point in the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law.

The day everything changed. The season 5 of The crown landed on Netflix on November 9. It is mainly centered on the marriage of King Charles III, then Prince of Wales, and Lady Dianaprincess of hearts and unhappy wife. Among the highlights of the series, the famous interview with the princess of wales by Martin Bashirsneaky journalist who will extract indiscreet confessions from her about her marriage and her husband. This day in 1995 was considered like the drop of water, by Elizabeth II : “It’s the point of no return, it’s the moment when the queen decides to let go of Diana” explains Adélaide de Clermont-Tonnerre, editor-in-chief of the magazine Point of viewon the set of C in the airlast November 10.

In this interview, Diana discusses for the first time Charles’ extra-marital relationship with Camilla Parker Bowlesshe talks about her mental health and criticizes the functioning of the Firminterferes with his happiness and serenity of mind. Elizabeth II then thinks of protecting the Crown and cut ties with Dianaallowing his son to divorce. Two years before her death, Princess Diana finally settles her accounts, but having been duped by Martin Bashir, who fabricated, to convince her to participate in his show, evidence of espionage by the Palace against her. This interview is today prohibited from broadcasting.

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The Crown, the series that divides Diana’s entourage

The debate continues to ignite on season 5 of The Crown : the series is accused of not reporting the facts with enough precision and transform reality by creating scenes that never existed. One of the precious elements of the writing team until 2021 was Jemima Khana close friend of Princess Diana. But during the writing of the scenario of the fifth chapterthe latter decided to give up arms by leaving production, considering it “disrespectful” the turn of the seriesaccording to Daily mail. If most of the information is proven, it should be remembered that the series remains a fiction which can afford certain discrepancies with reality without having to justify the veracity of each scene.

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