VIDEO – Émilie Tran Nguyen “suffering”: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine says more about her absence from C to you

VIDEO – Émilie Tran Nguyen “suffering”: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine says more about her absence from C to you

An absence that has not gone unnoticed Just like Patrick Cohen, Pierre Lescure and Mohamed Bouhafsi, Émilie Tran Nguyen is part of the team of C to you. From then on, viewers expected to find the 37-year-old journalist for this new number of the talk show broadcast this Monday, December 12 on France 5. But at the end of the launch credits of the show, Émile Tran Nguyen was not present around the table. Knowing full well that this absence would cause some concern, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine wanted to put an end to any questions from the start of the program. “Good evening! Welcome to C à Vous. Very happy to see you again, we are together live for all the news in the absence of Émilie Tran Nguyen.”she launched in the preamble.

However, the one we call “Babeth” wanted to reassure viewers. She is in pain. We kiss her very much and we hope to find her very soon”she said kindly. Since then, the bubbly host was surrounded by a 100% male team to talk about culture, corruption within the European Parliament and the World Cup.

Émilie Tran Nguyen back after her maternity leave

Émilie Tran Nguyen is a fulfilled mother. Figure from C to you and the national news of France 3 which it has presented since 2016, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s sidekick gave birth to her second child, a little boy named Pioin June. A happy news that the conductor of C à Vous shared with joy on her set.Welcome to Piocongratulations to his parents and his big sister! We are very happyall our most affectionate thoughts for this lovely family”said the presenter of the talk show.

After spending time with her infant and his daughter AvaÉmile Tran Nguyen made his big comeback on the air, in the edition of the 12/13 National de France 3September 19th. Returned from her maternity leavethe news presenter appeared radiant, impatient to find the viewers. Moreover, she did not fail to send them a few warm words : “I haven’t seen you for four months, so glad to be back on this setstressed young woman, smiling. The day before, Émilie Tran Nguyen had not hidden her joy at finding the set of the newspaper, by publishing an explicit tweet on Sunday evening: “After 4 months away from the news and many twists and turns […] for a new season, rich in news, emotion and above all, ever closer to you.”she had particularly rejoiced.

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