VIDEO – “Enough is enough now!” Serge Lama: this reflection that he no longer supports

VIDEO – “Enough is enough now!” Serge Lama: this reflection that he no longer supports

“I’m sick”, “Woman, woman, woman” or “Les Ballons rouges”, Serge Lama enjoyed many successes during his 60-year career. In a documentary entitled Serge Lama, life to madness and broadcast in the second part of the evening this Friday, January 27, on France 3, the singer made rare secrets about his professional career, but also about his personal life. The one who will celebrate his 80th birthday on February 11 has given himself up to Mireille Dumas and returned in particular to his relationship with women.

If he only had three great loves in his life, Liliane Benelli, Michele Potier and Luana Santoninohis songs brought him to know a great success with the fairer sex. “The women were very warm, because they found in my songs what they wanted the men to say to them”he actually said. What push Mireille Dumas to question Serge Lama about his status assinger for ladies. “Does it make you happy or does it annoy you?” asked the reporter. “I don’t know how to answer you… I think that’s enough now! I’m a singer for everyoneretorted the artist.

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“When the spotlight came on, the women came to me”

“Me, now, I see the couples coming, and I am very satisfied. In my audience, I have 50% women and 50% menclarified the one who recently canceled his farewell tour. “But it must be said that before, it was the women who prevented the men from coming”he said, smirking.

However, success with women has not always been so obvious for Serge Lama. “It was when the spotlight came on and smiled at me that the women came to me”explained the singer. Before concluding : Apart from MicheleI didn’t see miles of women arriving. I think they liked me when Serge Chauvier became Serge Lama”.

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