VIDEO. Estelle wins a competition and sings in duet with -M- on the stage of the Arena de Montpellier

VIDEO. Estelle wins a competition and sings in duet with -M- on the stage of the Arena de Montpellier

With her class, Estelle Crès, teacher at the Marie-Curie school, took part in a video competition proposed by the singer -M-. Wednesday, December 14, she found herself on stage at the Arena, for a duet with the star. His students were also highlighted.

Everything went from surprise to surprise for Estelle Crès, schoolteacher in CM1 class at the Marie-Curie school, in Montpellier. “I saw that -M- was organizing a contest to sing a duet with him on the song “Nombril”. It tickled me but not alone. As we had studied the songs of Matthieu Chedid in class, I said ” let’s go, let’s go “”.

In two weeks, the teacher and her students put together a music video. The children take up the choreographies of the Mojo, of Machistador, in disguise, and sing the “Navel”. “We told -M- to think of us if he needed singers, dancers.” Everything is posted online on the singer’s website.

-M- touched by the energy of the students

The return to production is not long in coming. Matthieu Chedid is touched by the energy of the students and wants to invite them all to the concert, Wednesday, December 14, at the Arena.

The mistress on stage

Two days later, the teacher is recalled by the production. “I was then told that -M- wants to sing the “Navel” with me. I found myself singing in my living room to send back a video”. Estelle is then chosen by the singer, it is she who will do the duet at the Arena. “I kept it a secret from my students. They put on their costume like in the clip but I didn’t say anything more.”

The teacher sang the “Navel” with -M- at the Arena while the students, invited to the concert, danced.

Students dance under the spotlight

An extract from the video with the children is broadcast during the show: “My students were amazed to see themselves on a screen at the Arena. They were hysterical. And then I did the duet with -M-, on a stage right in the middle of the pit. The spotlight was put on the students and they danced with us. It was a huge, extraordinary moment.”

“It’s great, incredible what you have done”, also launched Matthieu Chedid to the students. For the teacher and her students, there is no doubt that this extraordinary moment will remain engraved forever.

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