VIDEO – “Forgive me for being stupid”: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine mocked in C à vous

VIDEO – “Forgive me for being stupid”: Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine mocked in C à vous

The week is off to a strong start for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine! While she hosted a new number It’s up to you this Monday, January 23, the host of France 5 showed up somewhat lost during the traditional chronicle of Bertrand Chameroy. The latter has laughed at the device put in place by LCP for the meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Olaf Scholzwhich took place in Paris, this Sunday, January 22. “60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty. LCP who, for the occasion, wanted to play it like BFM, with a few nuances… Because on BFM, when an item of information is more important than what is being said – even if it’s interesting – they unhesitatingly draw out a priority for live. On LCP, it’s the same thing but polite version“, explained the columnist of C to you, before launching the images explaining his point.

On the montage broadcast on the France 5 talk show, viewers were able to see that the presenter of LCP was profuse in excuses to give priority to the direct and consequently to the images of the Franco-German couple. In order to force the line a little more, Bertrand Chameroy did not hesitate to highlight the journalist’s apologies, written in bold and accompanied by a “jingle”. special effects that have destabilized Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “That is true ?“, she first whispered, as the subject was coming to an end. And to wonder a few seconds later: “Oh no ? There is no jingle?“, she asked her columnist. “No, we added them“, clarified Bertrand Chameroy. “Forgive me… It’s great! Forgive me for being stupid!“, retorted France 5 hosthilarious. A naivety that amused his whole team, however accustomed to his blunders.

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Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine shocked by the revelation of a guest

On January 17, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Fabrice Eboue on his daily show. Present at his side on a tray, Patrick Cohen wanted to say a few words about documentary soon to be broadcast on the National Geographic channel, in which the director james cameron returns to a controversy caused by his film Titanic, released in theaters in 1997. The filmmaker has therefore, once and for all, demonstrated that Jack’s character couldn’t have survived if he’d climbed on the doorwith Rose, after the ocean liner rolled over into the ocean.

Information that made Fabrice Éboué react, who made an unexpected confidence. “I’m going to hurt myself… I haven’t seen the film. So I can’t participate in this debate at all.“said the 45-year-old comedian. “But no ?“, dropped the facilitator, visibly amazed. “Seriously ?” she added, shocked by this revelation. Determined to check the film culture of his guestshe then asked Fabrice Éboué if he had seen The big mop of Gerard Ourya classic embodied by Louis de Funes and Bourville. “Yes, La Grande Vadrouille, but I haven’t seen Titanic. Maybe I was single then and it wasn’t worth it“, assumed the actor, forced to justify himself.

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