VIDEO – “It must be hard…” Faustine Bollaert: her husband Maxime Chattam lifts the veil on their relationship

VIDEO – “It must be hard…” Faustine Bollaert: her husband Maxime Chattam lifts the veil on their relationship

A complementary couple. This Saturday, January 21, Mainly discuss was the guest of the France 2 broadcast, What an era!. The opportunity for the writer to promote his latest book, titled The Constancy of the Predator, but also to return to his relationship with Faustine Bollaert. During the exchange, the 46-year-old novelist was notably questioned by Lea Salame about the place of his wife in his creative process. “She signed off, Faustine, when she read the bird scene?” asked the reporter. “She had a hard timehe conceded, before being cut off by the host: “It seems that she is hard on you…” To which the respondent replied: No, she’s not tough, she’s fair because she knows me better than anyone. She knows where my failings will take me.”

Because, yes, Faustine Bollaert takes an ultra-objective look at her husband’s work. The proof ? She does not hesitate to share her impressions with a lot of transparency: “You’re having fun with this character, but you’re pissing me off!” has recalled Lea Salame. However, the honesty of Maxime Chattam’s companion brings a certain balance to the latter’s work. “I am lucky to have a wife who has a fair look at my bookshe confided, even specifying that the role of his wife is not always easy: I know what she just read and it must be hard to say to yourself: ‘But it’s my guy, my big roudoudou in bed, very nice, very cute, who wrote that!'”

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“But how can you write that?”

Indeed, even after several years of union, Faustine Bollaert is still as intrigued by her husband’s ability to write macabre stories. Evidenced by the interview of the mother of Abbie and Peter during the show We redo the TVbroadcast on RTL last November. “Once in a while I get a little broken down and I still ask him the question: ‘But how can you write that?‘” she said, before concluding: “How can he come down from his desk after writing this, and meet up to eat nuggets with the kids?

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Photo credits: Capture – France 2

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