VIDEO – “It’s absurd!” : Michel Polnareff settles accounts with Patrick Cohen

VIDEO – “It’s absurd!” : Michel Polnareff settles accounts with Patrick Cohen

Micherl Polnareff was the guest of It’s up to you Friday evening, November 17. The opportunity for the singer to Goodbye Marylou to make a clean sweep of the past with the journalist Patrick Cohen, against whom he kept a resentment.

2016. Michel Polnareff’s tour is abruptly interrupted. The singer is declared between life and death, then out of business only a few hours later. A communication which, at the time, questions Patrick Cohenwho devotes a column to it in It’s up to you. Especially since Gilbert Coullier, then producer of the singer, implies that the latter pretended to be sick to not perform on stage. Six years later, Michel Polnareff, who did not appreciate the words of the journalist, is the guest of the France 5 program. “It’s absurd”he comments about the allegations of his former producer. The artist also explained this episode with Patrick Cohen.

“I need to talk to Patrick about it”warns the singer, before Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine launches the archive of Patrick Cohen’s chronicle. “The thing that shocked me the most was the liner that said ‘Michel Polnareff, liar?’. So Patrick…”, then resumes the singer. “Sorry, I forgot”smiled Patrick Cohen, visibly embarrassed. “Well yes, but I don’t!”Michel Ponlareff then jokes tit for tat.

Michel Polnareff and Parick Cohen reconciled?

“I know the liner didn’t come from you. I respect the fact that you are doing an investigation. It seems completely normal to me. But I found you all the same very, very suspicious of the truthexplains the singer to the journalist. Patrick Cohen then clarifies his feelings at the time and clarifies the situation. “I was talking more about communication, which seemed a bit chaotic, than about your state of health”does he defend himself.

Michel Polnareff then in turn adds his element of truth to the case: “We later discovered that Gilbert Coullier’s real reason for not believing in my illness was because he had not taken out insurance”. A development that seems to have eased the tensions between the two men.

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