VIDEO – “It’s filthy, it’s disgusting”: Véronique Sanson stunned by a French tradition

VIDEO – “It’s filthy, it’s disgusting”: Véronique Sanson stunned by a French tradition

“Everyone is outraged, but no one is doing anything.” Committed to the animal causeVéronique Sanson said she was furious with the abuse.It pisses me off. First of all, hunting with hounds is filthy. It’s not even fair play. It’s disgusting. Then also, intensive farming…”, got indignant the 73-year-old singer on the set of It’s up to you, this Monday, January 16. lamenting “the way men treat animals” with “cruelty” and “sadism”she throws : “I find it disgusting”.

“They beat, they… The pigs, the cows, everything… The intensive thing… They live in little things and it’s not fair”, she added. finding “unfair”Véronique Sanson wondered: “I don’t understand how we let it happen. How do we let it happen? Everyone is indignant and no one says anything”. “Animal abuse is something that was discussed a little more there, during the last presidential campaign, but probably not enough Véronique. It’s something you wanted to talk about“, notes Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine.

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For Véronique Sanson, “everyone is corrupt”

It’s really not enough at all, insists the artist. I find that there is really no health control… It’s not monitored enough. It’s not controlled enough. People are sticking together.” To pay Christopher Stills’ motherThe conclusion is clear : “Everyone is corrupt”. “I’m furious. All these animals who didn’t ask anyone for anything! Anyway, me, everything in a cage, I can’t!”

The ex-girlfriend of Pierre Palmade : “I don’t like zoos, I don’t like caged birds. So there you have it.” Véronique Sanson reveals that she recently “signed a petition for a goat farm, where they show pictures to die for”.

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