VIDEO – “Look at me when I talk to you!” : Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine gets annoyed with Pierre Arditi

VIDEO – “Look at me when I talk to you!” : Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine gets annoyed with Pierre Arditi

This Wednesday, November 30, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received, on his show It’s up to you, Pierre Arditi and Yvan Attal. On the set of his program broadcast on France 5, the 52-year-old TV host several times took the liberty of reframing his guest, Pierre Arditireproaching him in particular for not looking at her when she speaks to him. “Look at me when I talk to you!”, she even swung at him, cash, shortly after his arrival. As a reminder, the two actors are currently in promotion for the film Teachers) directed by Bruno Chiche, in which they give the reply and which will be released in theaters from December 7th. On screen, they embody the characters of François and Denis, a father and his son.

“What’s the matter ? It’s already grumbling?“, dropped Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, hands in her pockets, when the actor arrived at her table. Standing, the presenter tackled the latter when she saw him dragging his feet, taking his time to settle down. “Well… Arrive more slowly, Pierre! Tell me… At two an hour, Pierre… No, but it’s not possible, this ham,” she exclaimed with a smile. Nothing to destabilize the actor, who approached her to kiss her hand, before sitting down. The host of France 5 then expressed her happiness to receive the two filmmakers on her show, then noticed that Pierre Arditi was “very cold”.

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A comedian and a presenter who like to spoof each other

“Okay, what’s up? Are you okay?” the comedian asked his host. “It’s okay. I was going to give you compliments, but I…”, replied Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, before talking in more detail about the film Teachers).No no, don’t“, Pierre Arditi then rebuffed him. “I want it, I want it, I love it!“, underlined Yvan Attal, present at his side. A spicy exchange, but which was no less tasty for the viewers of France 5!

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