VIDEO – Michel Boujenah moved by the images of his deceased father: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him”

VIDEO – Michel Boujenah moved by the images of his deceased father: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him”

Michael Drucker received Michel Boujenah for the first Can’t wait for Sunday of the year 2023, this Sunday, January 1. The comedian However, this was not his first time on the famous red sofa. Animator indéboulonnable Sunday afternoons of France Televisions had thus prepared a video of the most moving built with images from a previous show dating from 2003 and in which the relatives of his guest : his younger brotherPaul, as well as his parentsJoan and Joseph. Your dad is gone, then clarified Michel Drucker for viewers before launching the sequence.

“It is very moving… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my fatherimmediately confessed Michel Boujenah, before specifying: “In images, in pictures”. And to continue: “Because I see it, it’s there. The people you love don’t die, they just go away. They only die if we forget them.” “But the, it’s moving for me because it’s the first time that…he added before his voice cracked under the weight of emotion, leaving his sentence unfinished.

PHOTOS: Louise Boujenah with her father, Michel Boujenah, on the red carpet in Nice

The stage and humor as a disease

“Your dad was a pulmonologist in Tunis and, I didn’t know it, at one point, you wanted to be a doctor and take care of the children, do pediatric surgeryMichel Drucker then took the opportunity to question him. If he nodded, the comedian then explained why he had not finally embraced this career in medicine. “I think the job I do, it’s like a disease : if we don’t do it, we die. And by the way, if we don’t have this real diseaseit’s not worth doing this job becauseit’s too hardhe pointed out before quoting Philippe Noiret : “The trip is magnificent, but, my God, the price is expensive to pay.”

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