VIDEO – Michel Drucker “not comfortable” in C à vous: his astonishing remarks

VIDEO – Michel Drucker “not comfortable” in C à vous: his astonishing remarks

He is an emblematic figure of the PAF for more than half a century and still reigns supreme on the Sunday afternoons of France Télévisions. One could logically think that being on a TV set is now a matter of routine for Michael Drucker. It is not so: guest of It’s up to you on France 5, this Friday, December 16, to celebrate forty years of Champs-Elysees, animator will make an astonishing confession. “You were mainly a sports journalist until then. You had already put your foot in the entertainment […] and on that first, looking back, you say you looked comfortable when in reality, inside…”Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine questioned him in particular after having brought out from the archives an extract from the very first broadcast, broadcast on January 16, 1982.

“I’ve never been comfortable”then confessed the one who nevertheless built one of the most impressive careers of French television. Even behind the scenes of your showI was not comfortable”he said, pointing to the back of the tray. It’s up to you. “I always was stress in this job, it cost me a very serious heart operation. I have always been a very worried person and there is not a show where I don’t have this stressconfessed against all odds Michel Drucker.

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A “workaholic”

Despite stress constant ceeven after decades of experience, the presenter of Can’t wait for Sunday defines himself as a “workaholic”. “I’m only good when I’m working”, he recently confided on the set of It starts today. “Passion does not tire”he continued before adding that his work is truly his reason for living since he “[se] get up thinking television”. So much so that at 80, he still admits to fearing the vacation period. One thing is certain: Michel Drucker is therefore still not ready to to retire.

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