VIDEO. Tarn: Thomas de Pourquery sets fire to Albi jazz festival

VIDEO. Tarn: Thomas de Pourquery sets fire to Albi jazz festival

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Wednesday evening, in the hall of the Grand Théâtre d’Albi, Macha Gharibian and Thomas de Pourquery launched the first evening of the “In” festival of Albi Jazz festival, during a high-end evening.

The first jazz bubbles took possession of the Grand Théâtre hall last night. After the inauguration of the festival in the tent of the Magic Mirrors (read below), it was Macha Gharibian and Thomas de Pourquery who took the spectators into their musical world.
Two different worlds with the crystalline voice of Macha Gharibian and the energy and immense talent of Thomas de Pourquery and his group, Supersonic.
There, we weren’t listening to Big bands who recite outdated tunes, but real artists who bring their sounds, their passions. Here we are embarked for several days on the jazz ship.

There was a crowd under the Off marquee

The curtain fades on the first part with Macha Gharibian, accompanied by the double bass of Chris Jennings and the drums of Dré Pallemaerts. Two high class musicians.
The first notes ring out as snowflakes fall outside. With Masha, we go to other places. Armenia of course, where the titles are of rare beauty. With each note, each double bass solo, we travel to our lands, our cultures. We go back to more syncopated North American tempos.
And then… There is the grace of her voice which comes from so far away, from so beautiful. The public is won over, applauded, asking for more. She returns. Sing an Armenian tune a cappella.
What better.

What a beautiful evening

A short break, a change of set and the star of the evening arrives. Thomas de Pourquery and his Supersonic musicians. He is expected. It will not disappoint. What a pleasure to see this group playing in unison with an incredible musical talent. What a treat. The public is not charmed. He is hypnotized. Thomas de Pouquery multiplies duets or solos with his sax. The drummer is superb. The trumpeter is on point. We are at the high end. “I’m not really a jazz musician,” he admitted recently. Okay. But whatever the tempo, pop, rock, jazzy, electro, his little world leads us towards excellence. Towards the planets explored by his musical vessel. What a beautiful evening.

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