VIDEO. Toulouse: painter Bernard Cadène celebrates his “80 brushes” with the publication of a book

VIDEO. Toulouse: painter Bernard Cadène celebrates his “80 brushes” with the publication of a book

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On the occasion of his birthday, the painter from Toulouse published a book entitled “Bernard Cadène, 80 brushes”. This Saturday, November 19, he is signing at the In Arte Véritas gallery, Toulouse, where his new paintings will be presented. Interview.

On September 9, the painter Bernard Cadène celebrated his 80th birthday. His birthday gave birth to a colorful book that brings together a selection of paintings under the title “Bernard Cadène, 80 brushes”. A retro look, in the company of artists.

So 80 brushes recently, how do you live with that?

It’s wonderful to be an old painter, it’s a shame it ends badly! It shocked me that I am 80 years old. When I was still 77-78 years old, I wasn’t aware of it yet, then it happened, that’s how it is, that’s life. But even at 80, I am very active. Between exhibitions, painting, walking… I can’t stop.

Aren’t you retired at all?

No, and don’t tell me about it because for me it is synonymous with slippers and eating on time. I’m afraid of pensions, that’s why I’m not there.

Pierre Soulages just died at the age of 102, the picture keeps… even if you, not imagined?

Soulages aren’t really my cup of tea, but longevity has nothing to do with painting, it depends on what you do. And activity is important for good aging.

You have been painting for decades, what has changed over time?

I’ve been painting all my life. First I was a drawing teacher, then an art teacher, I have all the diplomas, but I only practiced for a day and a half. I stopped teaching, I was afraid of that. Afterwards I did advertising for food before becoming a painter. Over time, my paintings made gallerists happy. Today, I have an agent who takes care of everything, which allows me to paint in peace.

Do you paint faster?

It depends. The image, the faster it is made, the better. So he must have come down during the day! Looking back on it, less is better

Your passion seems to be intact!

Yes, and I can’t explain it. Paintings, like exhibitions, work well, they attract people because they buy paintings, and in turn that motivates me. The satisfaction that the audience shows when they see my pictures is very encouraging.

In the preface of your book, you write that you never took yourself seriously, doesn’t that prevent a certain discipline in your work?

There’s no denying that I don’t take myself seriously, those who do shock me on every level. You can work seriously without taking yourself seriously. You have to know how to get to work even if I don’t really have a routine because I don’t like that word.

You often paint when you come back from a walk, does nature inspire you?

It happened that in Cugnaux, 500 meters from where I live, I have hectares of forest and the Canal de Saint-Martory. Every day, I walk briskly for more than an hour. I take pictures before and after.

You also wrote: “I have given birth to so many pictures that I know what it means to give life”…

Absolutely, by painting I give life to a blank canvas. Starting with my coal, I manage to create. First I have an idea, I draw it on the table while playing, then I move to the canvas where little by little life appears.

Meetings and exhibitions

This Saturday 19.11, at the In Arte Veritas gallery (10 place de la Trinité, in Toulouse), the artist Bernard Cadène will sign his book, surrounded by recent works, which will be exhibited until December 3. The exhibition can be viewed from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (and by appointment).

Sunday, November 20 Bernard Cadène will be signing at the Art 27 gallery (4 rue du Greffe), in Montauban, from 2 to 6 p.m.

Would you like to die on stage, brush in hand?

I would prefer that to Ehpad.

You return the image of a happy painter, not at all tormented…

I did though. I’m never satisfied with my pictures, I admit. For example, it will all end up in the trash.

Your motto is: long live freedom, especially mine!

Yes, because freedom has allowed me to do whatever I want in life.

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