Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts

The New Year’s concert played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the golden hall of the Musikverein, is placed for the 3rd time under the direction of maestro Franz Welser-Möst. On the program, dances, polkas, waltzes, gallops and quadrilles of the Strauss family, works performed for the first time during this annual event. A festive evening through which Austria sends a message of hope, friendship and peace to people all over the world. The program: First part: Eduard Strauss Wer tanzt mit? (Who Will Join the Dance?) Quick Polka, Op. 251 Josef Strauss Heldengedichte (Heroic poem) Waltz, op. 87 Johann Strauss Jr. Zigeunerbaron-Quadrille (Quadrille of the Gypsy Baron), Op. 422 Carl Michael Ziehrer In lauschiger Nacht (A Cozy Night) Waltz, Op. 488 Johann Strauss Jr. Frisch heran! (Come in!), Quick Polka, Op. 386 Second part: Franz von Suppè Ouvertüre zur komischen Operette Isabella (Overture to the operetta Isabella) Josef Strauss Perlen der Liebe (Pearls of love), Waltz, op. 39 Josef Strauss Angelica-Polka, French Polka, op. 123 Eduard Strauss Auf und davon (Up and Away), Fast Polka, op. 73 Josef Strauss Heiterer Muth (Joyful Spirits), French Polka, op. 281 Josef Strauss For ever, Quick Polka, Op. 193 Josef Strauss Zeisserln (Siskins), Waltz, op. 114 Joseph Hellmesberger Glocken-Polka et Galop (Bell Polka and Galop), from the Ballet Excelsior Josef Strauss Allegro Fantastique, Fantaisie orchestrale, Anh. 26b Josef Strauss Watercolours, Waltz, op. 258 And as a reminder: Johann Strauss Jr. Banditen-Galopp (Galop of the bandits), Quick Polka, op. 378 Johann Strauss Jr. An der schönen blauen Donau (The Beautiful Blue Danube), Waltz, Op. 314 Johann Strauss Sr. Radetzky March, Op. 228

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