Vinnie Paul thought a ‘Pantera reunification’ with Zakk Wylde was a ‘selfish’ idea

Vinnie Paul thought a ‘Pantera reunification’ with Zakk Wylde was a ‘selfish’ idea

About a week ago, Pantera gave their first concert with their new formationcomposed of the singer Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown, joined by guitarist Zakk Wylde (black label society, Ozzy Osbourne) and drummer Charlie Benante (Anthrax).

Pantera will give many shows in 2023, Wylde replacing the late Dimebag Darrell, while Benante will take over the drums in place of the late Vinnie Paul.

The group’s return was announced this summer, and received the blessing of the heirs of the two Abbott brothers.

Yet, at the time, Paul was fiercely opposed to the idea of ​​a reunification of Pantera. Given the tragic death of his brother and his differences with Anselmo, the idea did not interest him at all.

In a short clip posted to YouTube channel The Horns Section, Paul can be heard calling the idea of ​​a Pantera reunification with Zakk Wylde “selfish”: “People are selfish, they don’t care what you want. It’s unfortunate that people think, ‘Oh yeah man, they could get Zakk Wylde on stage and it would be Pantera again’. Not at all. It is not that simple. If Eddie Van Halen were to be shot four times in the head next week, would everyone be like, ‘Hey Zakk, go play for Van Halen – call it Van Halen? You see what I mean ? It’s really selfish of people to think that, and it’s stupid.”

He adds : “It’s called a reunification for a reason – it’s supposed to reunite the original members. So there’s a lot of these things that they call reunifications – they’re not really reunifications. There’s a guy from the group who walks around there… It’s not that, a real reunification. With Pantera, that will never be possible.”

Although many people have described Pantera’s comeback as a “reunification”, the current band members prefer to call it a “tribute”.

Video of Vinnie Paul:

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