Virginie Despentes starts publishing

Virginie Despentes starts publishing

Like Joël Dicker* and Riad Sattouf, Virginie Despentes founded her own publishing house. The latter, however, does so with the obvious intention of making the voice of women and people from the LGBTQ culture heard.

The newcomer, created by Virginie Despentes and photographer and videographer Axelle Le Dauphin, will be called La Légende editions and will officially take over next September. Ten publications per year, the editions of La Légende will be dedicated to “promoting the representation and visibility of queer and feminist culture through the creation of a collective to research, defend, archive and disseminate queer and feminist art and culture”. It will publish works “related to social issues of queer culture, feminist analyses, gender studies, work on the deconstruction of gender stereotypes and the fight against sexism.” Their first book will deal with Pulp, a mythical Parisian nightclub that had a window from 1997 to 2007, and will be written by a collective that will bring together Sophie Anquez and Pascal Saint André Perrin (La Bourette) and two editors.

Virginie Despentes is launching La Légende editions in response to the Bolloré group, to which the publishing conglomerate Vivendi belongs, which is currently negotiating the purchase of Lagardère, another large structure, which includes Hachette and thus Grasset, the publisher of Despentes. She cannot tolerate the thought of her work and the work of others being at the mercy of unyielding ideologies and is concerned that Vincent Bolloré, the man behind the Bolloré Group, is tightening his grip on free thought and democracy through his growing media empire.

Despite everything, her next novel Grasset will be published next autumn, but nothing prevents her from later deciding to take a step forward in her own publishing house.

*Read the article about the origin of Joël Dicker’s publishing house to go.

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