Visual test: Find the harp, the foot and the heart in this picture.

Visual test: Find the harp, the foot and the heart in this picture.

Like every day, we offer you a new challenge to demonstrate your ability to observe and your speed. This time, the test not only allows you toexercise your brain, but it will also distract you and have a good time.

What does this test consist of?

As you can see, this image shows a swallow sitting on a hibiscus flower. You also find some corn cobs nearby. But behind this beautiful illustration, there are some hidden objects that you must find at all costs. Are you ready to find them? Here is the list of hidden objects:

  • a harp ;
  • a foot ;
  • a heart.

To make this a real challenge, we’re going to limit the search time to 10 seconds. Invite some friends to play with you to make the game more interesting. If you’re ready, all you have to do is start the timer!

In order to find the hidden objects, you can zoom in by clicking on the image. If this seems too difficult, here’s a hint to help you: pay attention to the details in each image (the bird, the flowers and the stems). The solution to this riddle lies right before your eyes.

You still have 10 seconds to find the correct answer.

Solution of the puzzle

Were you able to find the 3 hidden objects? Don’t worry if you failed the test. We give you the answers below:

  • The Harp: This musical instrument is located right on the swallow’s wing.
  • The foot: did you break your head while looking for the foot? It is the stem you see on the left that forms this foot.
  • The heart: it was a little difficult to locate since it was superimposed on the flower which is on the right part of the image.

If you still can’t find the items, take a look at the image below. The answers will be indicated.

Did you enjoy today’s riddle? Keep taking on more challenges with the tests we have reserved. We hope you will love these puzzles. Don’t forget to invite your loved ones to play with you.

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