Volvo delivers electric trucks made of fossil fuel-free steel

Volvo delivers electric trucks made of fossil fuel-free steel

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The first Volvo electric trucks to contain fossil fuel-free steel are being delivered.

In September of this year, Volvo Trucks started mass production of 44-ton electric trucks. Some of these electric trucks will also be the first in the world to be made of fossil fuel-free steel.

“Our journey to net zero emissions includes removing both the fossil fuels that power our trucks and those that go into our truck materials, replacing them with decarbonized and recycled alternatives,” says Jessica Sandström, SVP Product Development at Volvo Trucks.

The fossil fuel-free steel comes from Swedish steelmaker SSAB, which uses a brand new technology that uses carbon-free electricity and hydrogen. Its climatic impact is significantly smaller and
is an important step towards the net zero emission value chain. Customers whose electric trucks will feature fossil-fuel-free steel include Amazon and DFDS, as well as Unilever, via transporter Simon Loos.

The first hydrogen-produced steel is used to make the rails of an electric truck, the structure on which all other major components are mounted. When fossil-free steel wins
in availability, will also be used for other parts of the truck. 90% of Volvo trucks can be recycled at the end of their life and today around 30% of the material in a new Volvo truck comes from recycling.

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