Wack 100 says he chased Future when he owed him money

Wack 100 says he chased Future when he owed him money

Passing through the Clubhouse service a few hours ago, Wack 100 indulged in an astonishing confidence: he would one day ” race “ Comingwho owed him money.

An incredible scene evoked by Wack 100

To believe that Hendrix one day got wind of the audacity of Wack 100. The sulphurous manager of The Game, renowned for his outspokenness, would have one day tried to catch Future, because of an unpaid debt. He explained it on the Clubhouse chat service in recent hours: “Future owed money to Trick Trick [un rappeur de Detroit, ndlr] Me, Trick Trick and Big U were really close at that time. Future owed the brother money. Ok, Trick Trick is in Detroit. Big U and I were going to fly to Atlanta from Los Angeles. We arrive at the security check, we place our bags on the carpet, and who do we see on the other side? Future and that girl who’s dating the soccer player. We’re going to see Future and Ciara. I say, “Bro, do you think that’s him?” He said, “Yeah. I say, “I’ll catch it.” We walk up, and I’m like, “Hey buddy, got the money for Trick?” He ran off. »

What follows is even more incredible: “I’m chasing the n****, over the heads of my dead buddies, to the f***ing Delta terminal.” He goes on the bridge, but it is not attached to any plane. He runs into the terminal, he takes out his phone. […] He puts his phone on speaker, and I hear Birdman’s voice. He said, “Wack, it’s Stunna, talk to me.” » [….] I explain that he owes money to Trick […] and either he pays, or we lift him up and then he pays. He responds, “Wack, you have my word, I’ll pay.” Leave it, I’m doing business with this guy. I talk to you like a brother, leave it, you have my word. » […] I swear to you, Trick Trick got paid. »

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