Wanting to justify the guilt from the title of his book, Jean-Michel Maire sinks a little more

Wanting to justify the guilt from the title of his book, Jean-Michel Maire sinks a little more

TPMP: viewers choose their favorite columnist, great emotions on the set. “He didn’t understand anything yet”: humiliated after a mistake in his book, Jean-Michel Maire defends himself … with a ridiculous failure

Jean-Michel Maire humiliated after a major failure

Either Jean-Michel Maire is the most amazing troll on Twitter or a columnist TPMP I will have to ask for English lessons as a Christmas present this year to succeed. Anyway, the reporter just gave us one of the funniest moments of the week. And with what’s going on right now, it feels good.

As a reminder, on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, Jean-Michel Maire presented his new project: the publication of his memoirs. “I bring out my memorieshe said on Twitter. So yes, I’m still young, but I thought it would be easier to write them in my lifetime.“.

an issue? As we could see by revealing the cover of this self-published work, he made a big spelling mistake in the title of this one because it says “Remembering a lucky loser“, where it should have been preferred”loser” with one “o” for “loser”. The version we’ve settled on doesn’t have the same meaning at all.

The columnist reacts… and sinks

A monumental failure that Internet users quickly ridiculed and criticized, and Cyril Hanouna’s friend finally responded. However, instead of admitting that he was indeed mistaken, he assured that this apparent error was voluntary: “I see everyone is excited about the…

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