We distribute books in Tramelan

We distribute books in Tramelan

The book brings Tramelan together. The media library of the Interregional Training Center (CIP) has established its own book club. Under the name “Books and We”, it invites all lovers of the art of reading to meet once a month to share their emotions and current reading.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday, attended by about fifteen people, young and old. A very good start for Laura Blasutto, who felt the real demand around her. “We knew that teenagers wanted a reading club, and then we realized that adults also wanted to participate in it,” the project manager was happy.

Books are also on the bedside table of young people

According to Laura Blasutto, the rise of social networks does not prevent teenagers from becoming interested in books. “These media are just an alternative,” she insists. “The loss of readership at that age is not as great as one might think”.

The meetings of the “Des livres et nous” club are held one Wednesday a month in the CIP media library in Tramelan. The next meeting is in order February 8. His topic will be “love novels”. Entry is free, without registration and open to everyone. /ddc

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