“We don’t call Metallica a Thrash band!”

“We don’t call Metallica a Thrash band!”

Korn undeniably contributed to the emergence of the style and sound of what is now called the Now metalliceven if they are groups like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit who really popularized the genre with the general public.

You may remember Korn frontman Jonathan Davis in previous interviews saying that the “nu metal” label was seen more as a burden than anything by the band members.

They didn’t like being associated with other groups in the movement, and he couldn’t stand this milieu, which was apparently filled with “misogynistic and opportunistic assholes”.

However, nowadays, musicians don’t care much about it. They ended up accepting the label and are quite happy to see the movement enjoying something of a revival, with young bands putting a new spin on the nu metal sound of the early 2000s.

However, in a recent article by metal hammerDavis gave further explanation as to why he and his bandmates hated the nu metal label.

He stated : “When we made Untouchables [2002]many bands appeared and rode the wave of nu metal. Now, I have nothing against the label ‘nu metal’ – an entire subgenre was named after my band? It’s not true ! It’s cool ! But within Korn at the time, we were like, ‘What the fuck is this? We piss everyone off! We are going to make a crazy album [qui dépassera les limites du genre]. They won’t understand anything. This style had become a parody of itself. We didn’t want to be defined like that.”

He added : “Today I don’t care, but back then I hated it. We just make the music we want to make… We don’t say that Metallic is a Thrash band! It’s Metallica, damn it! We don’t call the Hot red peppers a funk rock band! It’s the fucking Chili Peppers!”

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