“We have to show that there is independent publishing” – Liberation

“We have to show that there is independent publishing” – Liberation


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The president of the Federation of Independent Publishing Dominique Tourte, interviewed on the occasion of the first National Conference on Independent Publishing, advocates for greater visibility of these small players.

The National Conference on Independent Publishing takes place this Thursday and Friday at the Cité du Livre in Aix-en-Provence, at the initiative of the Federation of Independent Publishing (A fed day). Created in 2021 and bringing together 330 publishers, FEDEI wants to appear more in the cultural landscape, so that ministries, institutions and readers can hear it. Interview with the president, Dominique Tourte.

Why did you want to organize these meetings?

I want to show that independent publishing exists. I am aware of the lack of knowledge of public bodies and organizations such as the National Union of Publishers (SNE) in our situation. During the shutdown, SNE did not transmit our problems. Therefore, it became urgent to defend our interests. Fedei was born from that observation.

What do you expect?

Better support! Today, the market is saturated with major players in the book industry. They mostly occupy bookstore stands, gradually disappearing editorial variety. And, that’s not the only problem. So is excessive consumption. We are in a schizophrenic economy that forces us to produce and destroy more and more. Small houses have a hard time coping with this pace and the return of unsold items, which represents a significant loss of profit. At the time of

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