We know why Skyrock refused them a second Planet Rap

We know why Skyrock refused them a second Planet Rap

Here is the reason why Skyrock refused to grant a second Planet Rap to PNL! Fred Musa explains this decision to have recalibrated Ademo and NOS in his book.

PNL failed by Skyrock, Fred Musa explains the reason

In November 2015, PNL surprised its fans with the announcement of a Planète Rap non-standard week from the 16th to the 20th on the occasion of the release of the album “the boy of the world” to promote it while the Parisian group does not grant any press interviews and is known for not making any media appearances. The announcement of this event surprised French rap listeners who speculated on the possible presence or not of the two rappers. Ademo and NOS did not finally move to the radio premises, the duo sent a monkey in their place to host the show alongside host Fred Musa. The latter returned to this episode by making some revelations about the two brothers.

In 2015, Fred Musa made his first Planet Rap without the rappers invited to promote the project “Le Monde Chico”. PNL marked the occasion with the installation of an exceptional setting in the radio studio, a jungle as well as a monkey to accompany the presenter. “Ademo and NOS were the first to think that, visually, the Planète Rap studio could be used to install set elements (…) It was the first with a set, and since then they have launched something with full of Planet Rap with sets that are great.” had entrusted the facilitator on this subject in an interview. The two brothers made specific requests to Skyrock in order to change the format of the show with a particular decoration which then gave ideas to the radio to take up the concept with other rappers but Skyrock then refused another week. promo at Ademo and NOS

Indeed in 2016 to present the album “In the legend“, PNL was ready to redo a Planet Rap. In his autobiography My planet rap, Fred Musa returned to this anecdote by revealing that Skyrock did not agree to grant them a new show for the promotion of this opus, explaining that it would have been a “repeat” for Skyrock. “For the second album, PNL proposed another week with other settings. We said no, it would have been a repeat says the radio host.

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