“We looked for a farm in Dubai”: Lucile clashed by a surfer, she answers him dryly

“We looked for a farm in Dubai”: Lucile clashed by a surfer, she answers him dryly

Lucile, accustomed to questions / answers with her subscribers, rubbed shoulders with some prickly questions from certain Internet users. Jerome’s sweet companion, tired of certain attacks, has released her claws.

The beautiful story of Jérôme and Lucile continues. The couple who met through Love is in the meadowalways appears beaming with happiness on his Instagram account. A meeting like in a dream, a sweet babyand a fairy tale wedding, don’t throw away the cup is full. Or not ? The young couple clearly yearn to become parents again, as Lucile hinted at the holiday season We asked Santa… We’ll see… Patience she blurted out. A few days before leaving on vacation, it’s a relaxed Lucile who offered her subscribers a question and answer session. He took it very badly because some of them immediately attacked the mother who blossoms a little more every day in her role as an influencer. Forced by a first message to explain why she had taken this path, Capucine’s mother immediately received a second message, very unpleasant.

PNC at the doors, arming of the slides

She was attacked there could not be more frontally : “And it allows you to earn lots of money easily, without much effort, why don’t you just say so?” said a user in a private message.

Lucile decided to respond to her accuser publicly, in story, by activating the irony mode: ” What a thoughtful thought. We see a great technical and accounting analysis in there. So sorry to disappoint you, I am not Croesus, I make a good living, of course, but we looked for a farm in Dubai in our prices and we did not find”, she began before passing the second: “Go pour your venom elsewhere, if you follow me only to envy me or criticize our choices, you are not welcome. I’ll never understand why those who can’t stand us hurt so much watching us every day. Goodbye, and close the door tightly when you leave”, she concluded without an ounce of regret. That’s done !


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