“We lost Nikos, the pillar of the show”

“We lost Nikos, the pillar of the show”

The coordinator of the NRJ Music Awards delivers crisp details on the ceremony this Friday evening, on TF1.

Paris Match. A few hours before the ceremony, are you confident?
Jacques Grimal.
This is a special edition. We lose Nikos, the pillar of the show (injured in the leg on the set of “Star Academy”, editor’s note), Camille Combal was warned on Wednesday that he was replacing him. It takes a lot of courage to run this program off the cuff.

Why launch new categories?
We wanted to put live forward with a dedicated category, which existed at the start of the NRJ Music Awards. It’s difficult to decide because you have to have seen all the concerts named. But we went a year and a half without concerts, we know that the halls are struggling to fill up, the goal was to make people want to move again.

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You also celebrate covers…. It’s original.
It’s a very fashionable genre and we’ve seen real hits emerge from this trend. “I’m good” by David Guetta, cover of Eiffel 65, is number 1 in the world, “Suavemente” by Soolking was a hit.

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“Getting around in a jet is no longer trendy”

You have a lot of pre-recorded performances this year.
The world has changed. The vast majority of the nominated singers are on tour and for ecological and economic reasons, traveling by jet is no longer a trend. And then, many artists cannot take the risk of catching the Covid. Harry Stylesfor example, is in a “Covid bubble”. He’s on a world tour, he can’t afford to get sick for a ceremony. The economic impact would be too great.

With so many remote recordings, aren’t you afraid this will become the norm?
It’s a risk but we know it’s complicated at the moment. Lizzo isn’t here, despite everything, she recorded an exclusive performance for us. Rosalia and Stromae too.

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Who takes care of the technical part in these cases?
It’s the record company. We give very detailed specifications and they follow them. We cannot send so much material abroad.

Are you happy with the paintings of this 24th edition?
There are some pretty things, performances outside, we break the codes, with artists who don’t know what’s going to happen at all, others who aren’t announced…. We mainly receive phenomena: Yungblud, Ava Max… A new generation that plays the game. Yungblud will perform a surprise duo tonight.

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