“We should perhaps stop the Netflix series”

“We should perhaps stop the Netflix series”

Between 3500 and 4000, it is the collection of films thatEddy Mitchell treasure it in its cupboards. This unique relationship with the movie theaterhe’s had it forever. As a child, his father took him to several times a day in front of the big screen.
According to the singer, the decline in cinema attendance is linked to streaming platforms : “People have got into the habit of looking at these series unbearable”. Series, of which Eddy Mitchell is not at all a client: “when I was a kid, there was Zorro, Rango, Kit Carson (…), we saw the convoy loaded with gold stop at the end of the canyon and we kept the mystery going until the following week”.

His love for the 7th Art even tended to go beyond the limits of the legal, like the day when Eddy Mitchell unwittingly stole a preview tape of star wars. Result “the film was not broadcast in French at the Rex in Paris”, says the singer, smiling.

During the show, Eddy Mitchell revisited beautiful and funny memories with Johnnyconfided his point of view on tele-hook like the Star Academy or his desire to go back to stage. Find all these exclusives on video!

The improbable of Eddy Mitchell!

Eva Kruyver peeled improbable career moments with the interpreter of “The Road to Memphis”:
– Eddy Mitchell made an appearance in the After Sales Service of Omar and Fred on Canal +
– He shot in a string of quaint commercials
– Anecdote on the origin of his group at the time “Black socks”!

Watch it all in the video above.

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