Weather forecaster Tarn Chloé Nabédian publishes a new book: “If nature knows how to adapt, it’s up to us to do it”

Weather forecaster Tarn Chloé Nabédian publishes a new book: “If nature knows how to adapt, it’s up to us to do it”

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France 2 weather forecaster Chloé Nabédian from Labastide-Rouairoux in Tarn will be at the signing of her latest book Great mysteries of naturethis Friday, December 9 in Saint-Sulpice.

She became famous in the new wave of TV weather forecast reporters. Presenter of TV5 Monde’s new magazine, “A la vie, à la terre”, Chloé Nabédian, 37, presents the weather forecast at 1pm and 8pm on France 2, the channel she joined in 2016. The daughter of a dance teacher at Dominique Benne’s school in Castres and a doctor from Labastide-Rouairoux, the presenter spent the first five years of her life in southern Tarn. This Friday, December 9, he will come to sign his latest book entitled Great mysteries of nature (Editions du Rocher), in Saint-Sulpice.

Did that interest in the nature around you start here, in Tarn?

Yes, I lived in Labastide-Rouairoux in my early years, it was a small village planted in the heart of nature, with Lake Raviège nearby and this huge forest. I have always lived in an environment where nature was very present, even when I moved to Toulouse. I always have a desire to understand the world around me. And I’ve always been fascinated by extraordinary events in nature, I think with this book I wanted to go back to what I loved about science when I was little.

Are your roots a source of pride?

I come back often. My sister lives with my nephew in Saint-Sulpice and my parents in Toulouse and Montauban. It was important for me to come back here and I am very happy to also be at the Privat bookstore in Toulouse on Saturday (11-12). My roots, you hear them when I speak, often criticize me for my “o” above (smile), but it is part of my identity.

Of the ten mysteries of nature described in your book, isn’t one missing, which is located in Lacrouzette?

Ah! Maybe there is a mystery that I don’t know that would then go into the 2nd volume.

Does Peyro Clabado mean anything to you?

I had no idea, oh yeah, that’s crazy! Well, I don’t know all the mysteries on earth. But I will make a note! (smile).

Which impressed you the most?

The one that made me want to write this book is the book about the living stones of death valley, which completely fascinated me. The story with these boys who discover the phenomenon and who manage to solve the enigma in the end was beautiful. But what moved me the most was the mystery of the albino redwood. A beautiful story of resilience and adaptation. Which shows that trees are capable of finding new ways to adapt to climate change and soil pollution. And which offers the grid of another reading: that we too can find solutions.

Is it soothing?

We show that nothing is immutable, that we can always find solutions. At the same time, we know that there are solutions to climate change to adapt while remaining in a new, modern world that people can dream about. There is a lack of political will to implement it. If nature knows how to adapt, now it’s up to us to do it.

We have a feeling that you are sending a message about preserving our planet, the wealth and emotions it can give us…

We can perceive it that way. We want to protect what moves us, touches us. It is a way to show that we are all intertwined in the same system, that we are part of this nature, which gives us incredible emotions: poetry, fear… That’s why we all have to protect each other.

As climate skepticism grows in our society, do you feel you have a mission?

I guess people lack access to climate information. I am not here to tell them what they should do or think, rather I want to be in the middle ground, bring knowledge and knowledge and give them all the keys on this subject.

Signing session this Friday, December 9 in Saint-Sulpice, delivered by L’Echappée from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

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