“We’re going to make a little change”

“We’re going to make a little change”

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As you probably already know, and as the brains of Ghost As already mentioned in several previous interviews, Tobias Forge is always one step ahead when it comes to the future of his band.

In a new interview with the magazine metal hammerForge spoke once again about the group’s plans for the future, and more particularly for the months to come.

He said : “We are starting to do a lot of touring again. For the previous albums, we would do four tours in America and two or three in Europe, and we would do it again.

He continued: “We are going to travel everywhere this year. There will be a European tour, an American tour […] there will be a little something in Southeast Asia […] in Oceania, and there could be something south of Panama, as well as north of Panama. It promises to be solid.”

He added cryptically: “We’re going to make a bit of a change before that – good change. We’re not going to lay low. Some things are public, some are not, but there are a lot of things that are brewing right now.”

These comments seem to echo what he said in november about the next ghost album which he hopes will be quite different from Impera, the hugely popular record released last year.

Additionally, Ghost will give eight shows in France in May 2023, together with spirit box.

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