Were-Vana honored for her single “Casanova”

Were-Vana honored for her single “Casanova”

The Guadeloupean has a string of hits here as elsewhere. And his success has now earned him a “diamond single” certification for his title “Casanova”.

During this tribute ceremony organized at the Departmental Residence in Le Gosier, Were-Vana, who keeps her feet on the ground, was surrounded by her family.

A family that rocked him in the world of gwoka from a very young age and who shared a few anecdotes. “Rooms in the house have turned into a studio,” says his mother. This afternoon, Were-Vana could also count on his friends and other well-known artists from Guadeloupe who praised his talent. Among them, Krys, Admiral T or Misié Sadik.

dreamer and worker

Author and also composer and performer, Were-Vana often sings about love, but lets himself be carried away by his emotions of the moment as he confided to us:

I particularly sing about love, but afterwards I vary according to my feelings, what I live, what happens what, what I see. I try to stay myself, I don’t worry. So far it works. As they say, you don’t change a winning team!

Surrounded by the people he loves on a daily basis, Were-Vana, whose real name is Evariste Pierre Geoffroy, is also a hard worker and a big dreamer:

If the dream is not frightening, it is because we do not dream well. You should never lose sight of your goals and especially your work. Work pays! »

This is how the young man in his thirties already seems to be planning even further: “We try to stay good vibes, no limit, we do what we know how to do. Music has no borders,” he said.

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