Westside Gunn wants to stop charges because rap ‘brings more pain than joy’

Westside Gunn wants to stop charges because rap ‘brings more pain than joy’

Westside Gunn confirmed it: 2023 will be the last year in which it will deliver new, unreleased products.

A premature retirement?

The co-founder of Griselda Records has just signed an announcement that did not fail to take his many fans by surprise, even though they were more or less warned upstream a few months ago. On Twitter, Westside Gunn has thus announced that he wants to retire from the front of the stage, because of all that he has accomplished musically speaking over the past 10 years: 2023 is definitely the last year I do this stuff. I have nothing more to prove, I put my team forward, my city forward, I worked with everyone I wanted to work with, and the motherfuckers still don’t understand. »

In the process, the interpreter of 327 will thank the colleagues with whom he has collaborated in recent years, without failing to pay tribute to the deceased, including MF DOOM, Prodigy, DMX, Sean Price and Combat Jack.

More surprisingly, the artist will confirm that he never took a long time to complete his projects: “My titles have been performed in fashion shows in Paris, Japan […] I have never taken more than 10 to 14 days to do my projects. Not one album a year, but several, and I’ve leveled up each time. »

To see if he will keep his word, but his decision seems irrevocable: “Seriously, I’ve dealt with so much sh*t behind the scenes, it brings more pain than joy, it makes it look easy, but I fight those demons every day. »

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