We’ve been lied to: Sean Paul doesn’t say “Sean-uh Paul” at the start of his tracks

We’ve been lied to: Sean Paul doesn’t say “Sean-uh Paul” at the start of his tracks

All these years you were chanting the name of a famous cricketer without knowing it.

Every evening, when “Temperature” sounds in the speakers, everyone shouts in heart “ Sean de Paul », “Sean Paul” or “Old Paul” : whatever your style, in any case, you thought the singer was saying his name.

And you know what ? you were wrong.


It’s a real earthquake that strikes the world of pop culture: Sean Paul never said his name at the beginning of his titles. The truth is, he pays homage to his favorite cricketer… Shivnarin chanderpaul. Yes, that’s the name you heard (and sang) every time.

It was during an interview for a documentary produced by Vice that the 49-year-old Jamaican singer ended two decades of misunderstanding. When a journalist asks him what is the origin of his thing the most famous, the inimitable “Sean Paul” or “Sean dePaul”the artist replied in the simplest way in the world that that was not what he said.

“There is a famous cricketer in the Caribbean called Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Everyone was talking about him. I started saying his name at gigs and met the Chanderpaul guy years later. Congratulations to Shivarine Chanderpaul.

If your world is falling apart, rest assured: it’s normal. And you can always find face in brilliant in the evening thanks to this anecdote.

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