what becomes of it? Why the mystery hangs over his state of health…

what becomes of it? Why the mystery hangs over his state of health…

Rebroadcast this January 29, 2023 at 10:55 p.m. on Arte, the documentary Dr. Jack and Mr. Nicholsonwhich dates from 2018, offers a rich portrait of the fascinating interpreter of Chinese district, of Fly-over the Cuckoo’s Nest or of Bright. Darling child of New Hollywood, revealed in 1969 by the libertarian manifesto of Denis Hopper Easy Rider, Jack Nicholson is a supremely gifted actor whose partners and those who directed it agree to praise the extreme intelligence and great availability. Often reduced to sardonic, even diabolical characters, since the Bright the Kubrick until the Joker of Batmanthe star has actually tackled all genres, with an impressive and subtle palette of acting. But it’s been thirteen years since Nicholson last appeared on screen. It was in 2010 with How to knowby James L. Brooks. A desired and natural retirement, but which has become worrying in recent months…

The recluse of Mulholland Drive

For nearly 50 years, the actor has called Los Angeles’ famous Mulholland Drive home. Until some time ago, it was not uncommon for local residents to see Jack leaving his home, dark glasses at the end of his nose, cap screwed on his head. Even more frequently, the star, a basketball fan, was seen at sporting events when his favorite Lakers team played at home. It was precisely during one of these matches, on October 19, 2021, that Nicholson was last seen. Since then, radio silence. The star never appeared in public again. Worse: it seems that he no longer left his home. And while his children, questioned, tried to reassure the media by asserting that the retired octogenarian was living quiet days, a close family member very recently nuanced this idyllic vision, for Speed ​​cameras online. “His children visit himhe confirmed. But they are his only link with the world (…) His social life is over.”

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A disease, a name.

Some, in fact, entrust what relatives of the late Sean Connery revealed the years leading up to his passing in 2020. Like the legendary on-screen creator of 007, Jack Nicholson is said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This would justify his desire to isolate himself. This same witness who spoke at Speed ​​cameras online put the forms to say it: “There is a simple reason behind his decision: it is memory loss. Jack has memory problems and (…) he no longer wants to face reality. Physically he is fine, but his spirit is gone. It’s sad to see such a talented actor walk off stage like this..” Whether the news is finally confirmed by his family or not, let’s hope that the unforgettable interpreter of For worse and for better suffer as little as possible. The rest is a matter of courage and modesty.

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