what did harlan coben think of the adaptation of his book?

what did harlan coben think of the adaptation of his book?

Don’t tell anyone is a true miracle: the novel, as well as the film – whose adaptation was broadcast on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 21:10 on France 3 – are two successes, commercially and critically. But what does Harlan Coben, the author of the original work, Guillaume Canet’s thriller, say?

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Harlan Coben is one of those star authors, like Stephen King or JK Rowling. Not only are his books bestsellers, but multiplies adaptations on the big and small screen. In 2018, the American writer even signed a contract with Netflix for serial adaptation of fourteen of his novels: Don’t go away, Speechless, Innocent… So many successes that make the platform happy. But we owe the first cinematic version of the creepy universe of this thriller specialist to a Frenchman. Because to achievement Don’t tell anyonethere is Guillaume Canet. The film, broadcast on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 21:10 on France 3, follows Alex, who survived a violent attack to which his wife succumbed. Eight years after the tragedy, SMS reopens the investigation. The film is a great success that seduces the public as well as critics, but what does Harlan Coben himself say about it?

A film dear to Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Canet did not make a mistake in acquiring the copyright to the novel. This thriller, in addition to attracting more than three million cinemagoers, was awarded four Césars, including Best Director and Best Actor for François Cluzet, who plays Alex. It must be said that the director was delighted with this project, which he won after a hard fight. He remembers: “It was really the first time I read something that wasn’t mine that I could imagine doing.” The only problem: when Canet calls the writer, he learns that Hollywood already has control over the adaptation. “But the rights came back to me, Guillaume asked me again and I gave him a chance.” Harlan Coben recalls. A decision he clearly does not regret.

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“I was very excited about the movie”

In the interview, the author highly praised Fr a talented Frenchman : “Guillaume Canet, unlike many directors who wanted to make a good big thriller, understood that it was actually a love story.” recognizes the writer. “That’s what wins us over as an audience. That’s what appeals to me as a writer. I was really excited about the movie.” The trust he places in the project is such that he agrees to a short appearance. Pay attention next time you watch Don’t tell anyone !

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